We are an ASSET-BASED Transportation Provider along with a carrier database which includes a network of Several hundred qualified Motor Carriers. We are more than capable of locating and matching Back Haulers for your shipping and transportation needs.

The Backhaul Truckers are the ones who are headed home, will provide the best service at the lowest rate! Those savings are passed on to you, our most valued customers!

Let us help you with your problems Loads!

  • Can’t find a carrier to pick-up the load?
  • Produce season gets priority therefore you pay a higher premium to deliver your loads?
  • Loads dropped at the last minute because Motor Carriers and Brokers over commit and under achieve?
  • Last but not least, freight cost is just too high? Maybe you don’t realize you’re paying too much.

Look no further! Our experts take care of problem loads every day. If you have a load that’s been giving you trouble, let us take a crack at it. No more problem load headaches. Let us do all the work and we’ll get you home in time for dinner…..To Your Satisfaction!

Services We Provide

  • Truckload and LTL loads
  • Dry Vans and Flat Beds
  • Availability 24/7
  • Worry free outstanding Customer Service
  • Shipment monitoring
  • On Time Delivery
  • Electronic notification of delivery
  • Load Tracking via customer request
  • Very Competitive rates!
  • Receipt Verification
  • Access to thousands of qualified Truckload Carriers
  • Services throughout the United States
  • Local Courier Services

We will immediately contact you if there are any overages, shortages, or damages to your product.